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The Complete Ecommerce Web Developer Course (2024) Multichain E-Commerce Business Setup with Addons

71 Lessons
200 hours
All Levels

Have you ever wanted to create an Ecommerce website for …

What you'll learn
To create an Ecommerce website from scratch using WordPress.
To know how you can add products, receive payments, manage and deliver products to your customers.
To be able to customize your site using page builders, templates & themes to make it visually appealing & suit your brand.
To add multiple features to your site like adding social login, generating invoices, adding coupon codes, providing refunds, etc., by installing WordPress plugins to enhance the user experience.
To know how you can manage your store and its orders using the Woocommerce app right from your mobile.
To organize products into categories & variations.
To set up tax for your products based on product categories, customer locations, etc.
To be able to take backups, secure your WordPress site, and track your site’s performance using Google Analytics.
To be able to implement the best digital marketing strategies and SEO practices on your website to reach a wide audience & grow your business.
What you'll learn
Dive in Mern Stack Mobile App Development, Web App Development with React JS and React Native
Learn how to build single page applications with Full stack web development with React JS, NodeJS, MongoDB
Learn to connect to an external API with ReactJS
Create reusable React Components
Set up our virtual environment for React and ReactNative
Run Android and IOS simulator for React and React Native
JSX syntax and expressions in React JS
ES6 syntax in React
See the content on the simulator in React
User Inputs, Forms and Events in React
Using React Portals to render Children Outside the DOM Hierarchy
React JS Hooks and Context
React’s modern face is to develop web applications with React Js Hooks and Context
Creating Hooks and Context structures
Routing with React Router
Route Between Different Screens in React
Data Transfer Between Different Screens with React Navigation
Data Transfer Between Different Screens with React Navigation
How to use coding techniques to make efficient development with React
Build fast, user-friendly web apps with React
Dive into Nodejs, learn rapidy growing web server technology, Nodejs & understand how NodeJS works with Node course!
By learning growing web server technology, Nodejs, you can improve your skills, get a new job and you can build powerful, robust web applications.
Learn the key concepts of the NodeJS
Learn to create servers, and understand how it works
Understand and use the Event Emitter
Understand Buffers, Streams, and Pipes
Learn routing with NodeJS
Learn the most used, open-source document database, and NoSQL database aka MongoDB
Install MongoDB
Logic behind the MongoDB data storage
The most popular Object Data Modeling Library for MongoDB, Mongoose JS
Learn to execute CRUD - write queries to create, read, update and delete operations
Understand terminal commands for managing the database
Advanced Features of MongooseJS
The best testing framework for NodeJS, Mocha
Learn how easy to use MongoDB
Full Stack Web Development using MERN
Learn how to build backend API using node and express
React Hooks, Async/Await & modern practices
Learn how to build powerful and fully functional social media website using MERN
Learn how to handling forms in React, Nodejs, Express JS
Learn about Redux (Best state management tool)
Learn styling with Material-ui
Learn JWT Authentication
Full stack mern stack mern projects with react js, nodejs, express js, mongodb
Mern Full stack
Full stack web development with mern stack project
Web development is a broad description of the tasks and technologies that go into creating a website.
Some web developers will obtain a degree or certification in the field. However, most jobs don't require a specific degree or level of education, just demonstra
The good news is that web development generally uses light-weight code that is easier to learn than many other languages.
Whether you’re interested in adding React to your existing dev skillset, or you want to develop full-stack web apps by using tools like NodeJS, Redux, Mongodb
React is an essential Javascript framework for web development. It is the most popular framework for developing web, mobile, and desktop app user interfaces.
What is React? React is a front-end library in Javascript that was developed by Facebook
The simplest definition of React is that it is a user interface library used for building UI components for the web.
What is React used for? React is an open-source JavaScript frontend library. Some developers consider it a frontend framework because it does more than standard
The most common use of React is to build dynamic user interfaces for single-page web applications.
Learning Nodejs is a great way to get into backend web development, or expand your fullstack development practice.
Nodejs is essential to developing real-time applications in JavaScript, and has been instrumental in the development of websites like eBay and PayPal.
Node is designed around an event loop, which allows for easy management of asynchronous functions.
NodeJs is a server environment built for fast and easily scalable network applications.
NodeJs is open-source, meaning it’s a free code for all developers.
A runtime system is a platform where a software program runs
Mern full stack with react js, express js, mongodb, nodejs
Use React Native and your React knowledge to build native iOS and Android Apps - incl. Push Notifications, Hooks, Redux
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